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The Dizzy One No.10 1960 36x30 Pipestone, No.7 1961 36x30 Dawn Patrol No.6 1960 24x20
Bonaparte and Friend, No.2 1961 24x20 Easter, No.5 1963 23x19 Miro Beach, No.2 1963 23x19
Florence, No.3 1962 57x49 Homage to Bullwinkle, No.6 1961 42x36 The Path, No.2 1962 57x49
Adam, No.19 1963 25x142

"Raymond Hendler exhibited a group of abstract paintings that displayed rare high spirits. Using a great deal of fresh white, Hendler devised extremely simple symbols which he dispersed felicitously on his shining grounds. These bright, often linear hieroglyphs serve both as pictorial animators-they often flow in winding patterns or like fluent handwriting-and as references to the plentitude of the artist's existence. Gardens and sky and human joy are read in these exceedingly compressed forms."

- Dore Ashton, 1964


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