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Nice Colors, No.8 1950 24x32 Big Blue Cardboard, No.4 1950 24x32 Orange and Green, No.7 1950 24x32
White and Blue, No.17 1950 15x18 Cotton Stalks, No.11 1950 22x26 Wheat Field, No 12 1950 24x28
Clifts, No.19 1951 14x10 Pink and Green Cardboard, No3. 1950 15x23 Big Moon No.15 1950 15x18
Horizontal Splash, No.4 1952 16x22 High on a Windy Hill, No.7 1952 14x13 Alps Feeling, No.4 1955 27x33

"Raymond Hendler's work has vitality and freshness, a joyful, even playful exuberance. In his early work (which was close to, but independent of Pollock); he spread the overall web of linear forms as so many borderlines, between that the first place of human awareness and that which is outside it, between the discovered and the undiscovered world, between "l'etre et le neant" ("being and nothingness").

- Georgine Oeri, Quadrum, 1964


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